Sunday, August 2, 2015

BTS in a Flash: Curriculum Musts and a GIVEAWAY!

Hi there--

I am joining the Back to School in a Flash Link Up from Ramona Recommends, the Not So Wimpy Teacher, and Fancy Free in 4th.  I love curriculum that is specifically designed to teach a particular standard--it just makes so much sense.  Sometimes can be so frustrating to try to figure out how a textbook meets the standard as it claims.  It feels like it is easier to make your own or head over to TPT to find the perfect piece of curriculum.

One product that I created that is a lot of fun for the kids is a decimal operations scavenger hunt.  Scavenger hunts are fun for the kids as they get to be really active while practicing their newly acquired math skills.  I love them as a teacher because they get immediate feedback on their work---if the answer isn't there, a mistake was made.  They are also great because they allow kids to work at their own pace.  And this one's panda theme is just fun!

One product that I purchased last year that I love is the Greek and Latin Root Word Trifolds from Teaching in Room 6.  My students really learned a lot from doing these on a weekly basis.  I love the fact that it includes a review on a weekly basis. The kids really learned a lot of new vocabulary and we incorporated the words into our spelling program as well.  It was a great purchase.

And tomorrow I am buying a few things from Teaching with a Mountain View.  I love her products and so do my kids.  I think that her Back to School Math Project is going to be a great addition to our first week activities.  Plus it will let me immediately see the strengths and weaknesses of my new students--but it will do so in a way that is fun and at a lower stress level than an assessment.

Finally, I am going to try to have a rafflecopter TPT giveaway to celebrate the start of the new school year!   I hope that it works correctly!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love getting to meet my new students! The first day of school is always fun!


  2. i love meeting my families and students