Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reddit Gift for teachers!

So this year, I read about the reddit gift exchange for teachers early enough to sign up.  I really didn't know what to ask for---any basic school supplies would have been appreciated.  I couldn't have asked for my first experience with reddit to be better--not only did it warm my heart, but it taught my students a valuable lesson in kindness.

My secret Santa, Edmund, was incredible.  When we were matched up, he emailed me asking for more specific ideas about what would be helpful.  (He said it had been a while since he had been in school--I loved that!)  I wasn't much help with my reply--colored pencils, books, a set of Mr. Sketch markers.   I knew that we would use whatever he decided to send.

Then about two weeks ago, I got a call from the office asking me to send a student down to pick up a box that had been delivered.  I started mentally cataloging my recent Amazon orders, but nothing came to mind.   So when the student returned with a huge box, I was surprised.  As I started to open it, I realized that it was my reddit teacher gift!  I stopped what I was doing to tell the class how a stranger out in the world had sent us some gifts--just because---not to get anything, not because he had to, just because.  (Of course, I had a famous "marshmallow moment" and had a few tears trickle down my face......I used to be as tough as nails, but I think old age has turned my insides to mush--I warn my classes about it now because I cry over touching things all the time.)  We couldn't believe how many things we had received:  pens, pencils, paper, a pack of the Mr. Sketch markers.

The kids applauded spontaneously and one of them suggested we write thank you notes.  So, we stopped Social Studies and got about the business of expressing gratitude.....I think it was an excellent trade off.  I gave everyone a few pens and pencils...which made them super happy--my kiddos love pens this year.

But it wasn't over.   The following week 4 sets of Crayola colored pencils arrived---boxes of 50!  I go through tons of colored pencils every year.....such a useful and fabulous gift.  I will be able to refill my colored pencil pails with ease.

And it still wasn't over.   Today a giant box of books arrived.    The kids have already called dibs on the ones that they spotted as they were peering over my shoulder.  Could there be a better moment for a teacher?!?!?

The best part of this is that my kiddos---who see a lot of horrible things in the world--things that 10-11 year olds shouldn't even be aware of--were able to see that there are wonderful people out there who do wonderful things just because.  And, at a time where we as teachers hear a lot of negative things out there about our chosen profession, to have someone give so generously....well, I have no words.....just another marshmallow moment.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Edmund, thank you so very much.