Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to School in a Flash: Favorites

I'm joining the Back to School in a Flash Linky Party that some great bloggers (Ramona Recommends, the Not So Wimpy Teacher, and Fancy Free in 4th) have put together.  It was hard to choose just a few things as I am a bit of a school supply collector--there are just so many great products out there!

I bought these dry erase pockets on Amazon toward the end of last year.  The kids loved to use them and I loved the fact that they were durable.  We are going to try Eureka math this year, so I think that they are really going to come in handy.   

My second favorite thing are InkJoy pens.  I love the different colors and the smooth way that they write.   Office Depot had a great sale on them last year---I am hoping that they will repeat it, so I can replenish my supply.  I am pretty hard on felt tip pens, so the ballpoint ones are a better choice for me in the long run.  

I love these composition books from Staples for our writing journals.  The covers are durable and lightweight--which is great if I ever have to take them home.  I prefer these to spiral bound notebooks because the kids don't really rip the pages out.  They are a few cents more than the standard composition book, but worth it to save me the aggravation!

It has been fun seeing teachers' favorites!   I have a few things that I have added to my Back to School shopping list.  

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I love seeing everyone's posts. I love the dry erase pockets. I found some at the dollar section of Target!

    Fancy Free in Fourth