Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week has arrived once again.  Our PTA  asked us to make a banner for the front of the school--and they wanted it to be "spooktacular!"  It is difficult for me to take time out of my packed schedule (especially because I feel like I am already falling behind,) but it is hard to say no.
So we diligently crafted it today...the kids were quite happy with their finished product and I am quite happy it's done!  :)   They looked at clipart on the Internet to get ideas of how to draw monsters--that was a lot of fun for them.  One of my girls is rather concerned that she probably won't get her Frankenstein back (it is the cute little guy with the brown outfit on the right hand side.)  I hope she doesn't somehow manage to sneak it off the banner when it is hanging outside.  Another kiddo had the idea of having a human escaping from the monsters, so I told her to draw it and I have to say that it really increased the cute quotient of the banner.   Their creativity can be so amazing.

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