Friday, August 15, 2014

So little time...

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I spent a few hours most weeks this summer trying to get my room reorganized.  About 5 years ago our rooms were redone and, although it took me forever, I had it well-organized.  Somehow I had made 20 years worth of educational materials fit into the room.  However, in the past 5 years, I have collected more stuff.  Tons of math manipulatives that other teachers didn't want, new adoptions, new purchases, etc.  My library books no longer fit into their alloted space, new bridge materials didn't have a place, too many years of having to pack up quickly at the end of the year; all of destroyed my organizational efforts.

I have always been one of those people knew exactly where to find something on a messy desk.  While my mind was organized, my space wasn't.  However, as the years have progressed, I have discovered that, while it doesn't come naturally, I prefer my classroom to be organized.  I enjoy knowing where to go to find something as opposed to searching for it.  But I have to work at it....I have to really work at it.  So I spend extra hours during the summer fixing areas that didn't quite work, putting things away that stayed in my "to deal with" pile, and trying to find a new home for new materials.

School starts week is teacher training, and then the kids arrive after that.  I still have work to be done, but I am feeling good about the progress I have made.  Once I get it all put away and in place, I am going to take photos--proof that I can do it when I put my mind to it.


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